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This page showcases some examples and real-world pages. All of these pages - including this one - were made with 9Blox.com!

Just look around and get some ideas. You can build similar pages yourself and for free!

Store your instructions

I created a page to hold all the instructions/manuals of electronic devices etc which I may need one day. I uploaded the instructions to the page, created the QR code to each block that holds an instruction and printed and attached that QR code to the respective device.

Each time I need to look at the instruction/manual of a device, I just scan the QR code with my mobile and can directly access it.

  • Sample page
  • Level: Easy
  • Needed block types: Text, Image/File

Things for sale

Create a simple page to describe what you have for sale. Add an image block with a picture, maybe a countdown to show when the offer expires, and a contact block. Print the QR code pointing to this page and share it everywhere (at the local supermarket, at lamp posts, on flyers, ...)

  • Sample page
  • Level: Easy
  • Needed block types: Text, Image/File, Contact, possibly Countdown, possibly YouTube

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