The main idea is as follows:

  • You create a new document and write something into it.
  • You will get a unique, random, non-guessable link which leads to your document.
  • Share this link to your friends via email or QR-code.
  • Your friends can also edit the document.
  • No registration or email address is required; you can use whatever name you like.
  • Due to the incorporated Javascript editor this doesn't really work well on a mobile phone. You can only view the site on a mobile device, but not edit the text.
  • To share images or videos, use a hoster such as, or

About this site

Built by Frank Dux, Flemingweg, D-40591 Düsseldorf, Germany in November 2014.

This site is a small service to jointly edit a document online and with respect for data privacy. Drop me a line for comments or improvement suggestions.

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Credits go to CKEditor which provides the richt-text editing features of this site.

Legal stuff and Data Privacy

By using this site you agree to be bound by the following Terms and Conditions.

  • The site uses cookies to store your preferences. A cookie is a file containing certain information that is sent by our web server to your web browser and stored there. This information is then sent back to the server when the browser accesses the server. We store the document access data you chose to save on your device (cookie 'desks').
    By using this site you agree to the usage of cookies. You can remove or block cookies by adjusting your browser's settings.
  • The content you submit may be viewable by others. You are responsible for your content.
  • You will not post any pornographic, obscene, offensive, threatening, harassing, libelous, hate-oriented, harmful, defamatory, racist, illegal, or otherwise objectionable material or content.
  • You may see content that could be objectionable, obscene, in poor taste, or having explicit language. The providers of this site (i.e. Frank Dux) do not monitor the content that is posted. You agree to use this site at your own risk and that the providers shall have no liability to you for content that you may find objectionable, obscene, or in poor taste.
  • We do not store any personal information. We do store, however, the content of the page. As with any web server, we also store the IP address of the visitors to this site.
  • If you don't want to email the full link to a document, just mail the code of the page (listed underneath the Edit-button) or even mail the code as spam (click on 'Share link as text').

Change log

This site is under constant development. Upcoming/planned changes are:

  • Sub pages
  • Translation into other languages. I look for volunteers, you are welcome to contact me if you can provide a translation into a so-far unsupported language. The site's architecture allows to add new languages easily.

Last update: 11/2014